Author Tracey Gemmell Talks About Her Love Of Exmoor

Author Tracey Gemmell will soon leave the cold winters of Wisconsin for the warmer climes of West Somerset. British-born Tracey has a yearning for Exmoor, which has grown stronger with each passing year. Porlock is pulling her across the ‘Pond’.

Tracey has written three novels that each feature a desire to discover a place you feel to be home. There’s a Welsh word for this – ‘hiraeth’. Tracey talks with Exmoor Radio’s Keri Jones about her book, ‘Dunster’s Calling’ which features its central character’s longing to return to the moor. The story is told through the woman’s strong connection with an Exmoor pony. And Tracey explains the special bond she feels with Exmoor and why she’s returning – permanently.