The Photographs That Chronicle The History Of Lynton And Lynmouth

John Loveless is a ‘visual storyteller’, according to Facebook! The published author is also passionate about telling the story of Lynton and Lynmouth through his ever-expanding photographic archive.

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Fascinating Discoveries At Dunster’s Archaeological Dig

At the end of January, Dunster residents learned about the discoveries that the Dig Village archaeology project had made in their village.

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The Exmoor Flag – Now Flown In One Of The Most Remote Places On Earth

Edward Christian dreamed up the idea for an Exmoor flag. Keri Jones went to meet Edward in his Brushford hotel and discovered that there are many rules and regulations to consider when deciding upon a regional flag. Read More

The Origins Of The Exmoor Accent

Can you work out where an Exmoor resident was brought up, just from their accent?

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The Secrets Of Simonsbath’s Sawmill

Keri Jones visits Simonsbath’s sawmill to watch the volunteers cut timber, using equipment that harnesses the power of Exmoor’s abundant water supply.

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Discover Porlock Weir’s Fascinating Boat Shed Museum

Keri Jones from Exmoor Radio meets Derek Purvis, the founder of Porlock Weir’s Boat Shed Museum.

Derek talks about the museum’s masses of memorabilia and articles that document the wartime shipwrecks along the Bristol Channel. Sometimes official reasons were given for the wrecks. Derek shares some alternative theories. And Derek talks about Porlock’s leather craft industry, whose workers decorated the homes of the wealthy and even royalty in the late Victorian and Edwardian era.

A ‘Hidden Dunster’ Walk With Exmoor National Park

Did you know that a drunken deal resulted in the destruction of part of Dunster Castle? And have you heard how an 18thcentury travel writer slated the village?

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The Mystery Of Ashcombe Gardens In Simonsbath

It could have been one of Britain’s great estate gardens. But Simonsbath’s Ashcombe Gardens was never finished and what was planned for this secluded site remains one of Exmoor’s biggest mysteries.

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The Mystery Of Pinkery Pond With Graham Wills

Pinkery Pond near Simonsbath is a mystery. Nobody knows why the man-made lake is there, but Dr Graham Wills, a former Exmoor National Park officer, has some theories.

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The West Somerset Mineral Line

The West Somerset Mineral Line is Exmoor’s oldest railway and carried iron ore and passengers up an incredibly steep one in four incline. Read More