The Exmoor Radio Show – Episode 1

The Porlock Apple Press | A haunted Lynton hotel | Dunster Castle ghosts | Porlock paranormal tales | Lynmouth Cliff Railway Halloween fun | A Dark Skies Festival astrophotography talk | Porlock’s WW1 dead remembered | Half-term fun at Webber’s Post

The Exmoor Radio Show shares stories and conversations with the people who work and play in Britain’s most magical national park. The programme is recorded on location in Exmoor and produced in Lynton by Keri Jones. In this episode of The Exmoor Radio Show:

Exmoor Radio reports from the annual Porlock Apple Press event, which celebrates the apple growing tradition in the Vale. (01:02)

We’ve a special feature on Exmoor hauntings ahead of Halloween. We meet Emma Anderson, co-owner of Lynton’s St Vincent’s Guest House to hear about her odd experiences. (05:59)

Jimmy Neely is night porter at the Valley Of The Rocks Hotel. He explains how he almost quit following nights of unexplained noises and odd apparitions. He talks about a haunted telephone and a lift with a life of its own. (09:10)

Then we tour the most haunted parts of Dunster Castle with Liz Summers. There’s one spooky sight many visitors have reported. (14:29)

Our Exmoor Ghost tour concludes with two eerie and very similar Porlock sightings, reported by separate people to Doverhay Museum curator Dr Lita Strammp. (19:13)

Jeff Cox’s family launched the West Somerset Free Press. Jeff has researched every person on the WW1 memorials in the Porlock Vale. Jeff tells us about the most poignant photo he has found during his research and why Exmoor people collected moss during the Great War. Jeff has a talk at 7.30pm on Thursday 1stNovember at Porlock Village Hall. (23:54)

Exmoor Radio meets the General Manager of the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway. Ashley Clarke tells us about a ghostly encounter and how the railway will offer a thrilling Halloween experience. (29:57)

Exmoor National Park has a fun, half term ‘The Big Adventure Day’ on Wednesday 31stOctober from 10am to 4pm at Webbers Post, within the National Trust’s picturesque Holnicote Estate. Patrick Watts-Mabbott talks about the free outdoor activities on offer. (33:34)

The Exmoor Dark Skies festival continues. Dr Lillian Hobbs of the Royal Photographic Society talks about her astrophotography Workshop at Lynmouth’s Exmoor National Park Visitors Centre at 3pm on Halloween. Lillian explains how astrophotography can be an affordable hobby and why Exmoor is such a great location for shooting the stars! (36.39)