The Exmoor Radio Show – Episode 12

We visit Exmoor artist, Melody Hawtin, in Porlock. She sees Exmoor’s colours unlike any other local artist | Find out what’s new at the fifth annual Exmoor Food Fest next month | The Exmoor Border Morris Dancers perform in Lynton. We discover the secret of their blue face paint | Win prizes with your photos of Dunster | We meet Jason and Neal from Highcliffe House in Lynton – chosen as the best B&B in Devon

The Exmoor Radio Show shares stories and conversations with the people who work and play in Britain’s most magical national park. The programme is recorded on location in Exmoor and produced in Lynton by Keri Jones. In this episode of The Exmoor Radio Show:

We visit Exmoor artist, Melody Hawtin, in Porlock. Melody sees Exmoor’s colours unlike any other local artist. She accentuates each hue to create a vibrant and brilliant representation of the moor. Melody can teach you how to paint, too! She hosts frequent courses at her studio at The Tannery, in the centre of the village. Soon, Melody will promote Exmoor in Northern Ireland, when her paintings are displayed at a major exhibition in Belfast. (00:57)

If you love locally sourced food or enjoy eating out then you need to know about the Exmoor Food Fest. Pubs and restaurants all over the moor are offering discounted meals and taster menus throughout February. The festival is in its fifth year and Exmoor Radio caught up with founder, Elke Winzer, to hear what’s new in 2019. (11:07)

Lynton enjoyed a street performance from The Exmoor Border Morris Dancers recently. Their striking and colourful appearance is vastly different from what you may expect from a Morris group. We spoke with founder, Barry Cann, and heard the reason for their unusual attire and blue make-up. (16:20)

If you have an interesting picture of Dunster, you could win prizes with it, including a stay at the Luttrell Arms or a photography course with a professional based in the village. Lucy Green explains why local traders have launched this contest and how you can take part or help to select a winner. (20:30)

Highcliffe House in Lynton is officially the best B&B in Devon! Soon, owners Jason Broughton and Neal Cobb will find out whether their business is the best in the Southwest, too. Keri visited the men and heard how they believe that Lynton has changed in the past two years. The couple will share some of the secrets of their success, too. (24:34)