The Exmoor Radio Show – Episode 13

Meet the team behind Snowdrop Valley at Wheddon Cross | New plans for Withypool’s vintage filling station | StarTrek – all night orienteering across Exmoor | Fascinating discoveries at Dunster’s archaeological dig

The Exmoor Radio Show shares stories and conversations with the people who work and play in Britain’s most magical national park. The programme is recorded on location in Exmoor and produced in Lynton by Keri Jones. In this episode of The Exmoor Radio Show:

Exmoor Radio visits Snowdrop Valley, near Wheddon Cross, to see the flowers out in bloom and meet Eric Norman, who chairs the Parish Council committee that oversees the event. They arrange park and ride buses and charge a very small fee to raise cash for local causes from visitors who come to view this wonderful seasonal spectacle. But Keri Jones from Exmoor Radio hears how a major engineering project elsewhere in Somerset has created a challenge for Eric and his team.

Tony Howard owns the 1950s vintage former filling station in Withypool. It’s one of Exmoor’s most photographed sites and Tony reveals that a celebrity has posed in front of the pumps. The petrol station closed following the foot and mouth crisis, but Tony hopes to start a new service soon that could keep moor drivers motoring.

Paul Williams of Ilfracombe’s Rotary Club tells Keri Jones of Exmoor Radio about an eight or sixteen mile orienteering challenge overnight on Exmoor. It’s called the StarTrek. It is taking place on March 2nd and the event has raised an incredible amount of money so far – over £1million for the chosen charity.

At the end of January, Dunster residents learned about the discoveries that the Dig Village archaeology project had made in their village. Creator of TV’s ‘Time Team’ Prof Tim Taylor tells Exmoor Radio that experts have learned that Dunster’s buildings are older than may people had previously thought.