The Exmoor Radio Show – Episode 2

Dark Skies Festival astrophotography at Wistlandpound | The mystery of Pinkery Pond | Lynton artist and gallery owner Polly Skye | Exploring Exmoor’s Oldest Railway – West Somerset’s Mineral Line | Visiting Leighland Chapel and Exmoor’s sacred churches

The Exmoor Radio Show shares stories and conversations with the people who work and play in Britain’s most magical national park. The programme is recorded on location in Exmoor and produced in Lynton by Keri Jones.

In this episode of The Exmoor Radio Show:

Exmoor Radio reports from a Dark Skies Festival night sky photography workshop at Wistlandpound. Keri meets astrophotography experts Keith Truman and Laurence Liddy as they show amateur photographers how to take pictures of star trails and the Milky Way. (00:43)

Pinkery Pond near Simonsbath is a mystery. Nobody knows why the man-made lake is there. Dr Graham Wills, a former Exmoor National Park officer, has some theories. Graham shares his thoughts ahead of a talk at Dulverton’s Congregational Church Hall at 7.30pm on 8thNovember. (12:04)

Exmoor Radio meets Lynton artist and gallery owner Polly Skye. We hear how she fell in love with the twin villages and how Exmoor has influenced her art. (16:51)

The West Somerset Mineral Line is Exmoor’s oldest railway and carried iron ore and passengers up an incredibly steep 1 in 4 incline. There’s a chance to go on a guided bus tour of the route, as Mineral Line Association Chairman Phil Gannon explains. (24:35)

Dunster hotelier Antony Brunt of Yarn Market Hotel has hosted his second annual weekend break for guests who want to tour Exmoor’s churches this weekend. Guests have visited an unusual and remote church near Roadwater. Antony says Leighland Chapel is incredible. (28:42)