The Exmoor Radio Show – Episode 5

A walk around ‘Hidden Dunster’ | The Exmoor Society at sixty | Volunteers celebrate restoring Exmoor’s old signposts | The traditional carols of the Exmoor Carolers | A preview of Dulverton by Starlight

The Exmoor Radio Show shares stories and conversations with the people who work and play in Britain’s most magical national park. The programme is recorded on location in Exmoor and produced in Lynton by Keri Jones. In this episode of The Exmoor Radio Show:

Did you know that a drunken deal resulted in the destruction of part of Dunster Castle? And have you heard how an 18th century travel writer slated the village? Keri Jones takes a ‘Hidden Dunster’ walk with Exmoor National Park volunteers and learns how much has changed in Dunster since the village was a centre of commerce, industry and shipping. (00:46)

The Exmoor Society celebrated its 60th birthday this weekend. Keri Jones meets Chairman Rachel Thomas in their Dulverton headquarters. Rachel says that Exmoor would appear very different today if it had not been for the society’s initial campaign to defeat a plan that would have dramatically altered the landscape. Rachel talks about the Exmoor Society’s successes since 1958 and outlines their goals for the future. Recently, her team has been rewarding Exmoor’s entrepreneurs. (14:15)

Last week, Exmoor National Park volunteers celebrated the end of a project to restore around 250 signposts, at an event in Porlock. Project Leader Charlotte Thomas chats about some of the group’s unusual discoveries when transforming the fingerposts. Charlotte has discovered that the signs are different depending on which side of County Gate you are on. (22:37)

Before mainstream media, isolated communities on Exmoor sang their own seasonal songs. The Exmoor Carolers perform traditional carols from Lynton, Barbrook, Roadwater and Porlock. Rupert Kirby talks about their repertoire. (27:46)

We preview Dulverton by Starlight, the town’s popular festive event. This year’s celebration on December 2nd features award winning fireworks, live music and a working railway model of Dulverton’s old train station. Zoe Williams says the event is now so popular they have introduced special parking and access arrangements this year. (31:40)